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We’re participating in Plate up for Glasgow (October 12 – November 12, 2021), a campaign highlighting the issue of food waste and its impact on climate change. We’ve taken up their challenge to create a sustainable dish or drink, by sending as little food waste to landfill as possible.

 Curious? Ask about our Plate up for Glasgow dining option and how we work with sustainability in mind.

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The Finnieston Sling

Tropical, zesty, juicy

House blended Gin, Lime, Tepache & Cherry

“Specifically selected range of gins to create what we believe to be the ultimate blend with notes from all categories and styles. This is then further infused with orange, lemon andlime peels that would otherwise be thrown away along with coriander seeds, cloves and juniper berries. We use a lot of pineapple already in our cocktails and as a result have an abundance of off cuts and skins. Our house made Tepache utilises these offcuts and is transformed into a delicious sweet, naturally fermented drink. Spicy aromatics like star anise, clove and cinnamon are also used to heighten the tropical flavours. Lime peel cordial- this is a lime cordial but in turbo form. The lime husks from juicing are re-used and mixed with sugar and water to create a much more zesty and sherbet flavour. It’s bolder, brighter and very intense. Cherry Liqueur- the cherry liqueur is the left over juice from the griottine cherries that we use behind the bar.”


Finnieston Spritz

Citrusy, refreshing, bubbly

Grapefruit shrub, Sweet vermouth, Soda & Prosecco

“This is a simple take on an sbagliato. Instead of the Campari, we use a homemade grapefruit shrub for both bitterness, acidity and citrus flavours. The grapefruit element comes from the flesh and the pith of the grapefruit. The skins are used for garnishing other drinks within the venue and as such we often have a lot of leftover fruits that would go to waste. The pith is deliberately left on the flesh to help with the bitter backbone that usually would be created from using the peels.”


Lemon & Thyme Peterhead Cod-Belly Mousse, Leek Consomme, Herb Oil, Cod Crackling

 The current cod dish on the menu only utilises the top loin from the fillet. This obviously leaves us with off cuts from the rest of the fillet. We don’t throw anything away from the fillet once we trim it- we utilise the tails for fish burgers and the belly generally goes to soups. As lovely as cod belly soup is, a wee change is always nice so that leaves us with trimmings to use for other dishes. This starter may look elegant and give the impression it may take someone with an advanced knowledge of cooking but it's actually fairly simple!


Loch Melfort Sea Trout, Cabbage, Cider, Pancetta, Salted Trout-Head Butter, Smoked Roe Salt

This Sea Trout dish utilises the whole fish - nose to tail, fin to gill, fin to fin (whatever one you want to call it!). The dish is simple in itself, with a standard combination of cider, cabbage, pancetta. How do we elevate it? Some butter to baste, thats had some roasted, super concentrated stock made from the heads of the fish whipped through it. Plated and finished with some smoked roe salt, tops off this simple fish dish that has hidden layers of unique flavours all generated from a single fish!



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